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The Australian Air League is a youth organisation for boys and girls aged from 8 years which encourages an interest in aviation as a career or as a hobby for the youth of Australia. The organisation is entirely self-funding and is staffed by volunteers who give their time towards achieving the goals of the League. The aims and objectives of the Australian Air League include:

  • To promote the development of aviation in the youth of Australia
  • To promote good citizenship
  • To promote ingenuity and resourcefulness of its members
  • To develop the physical and mental abilities of its members

Through their involvement in the Australian Air League, cadets develop important attributes including leadership, self-discipline, teamwork and responsibility. The Australian Air League provides a foundation for learning the principles of aviation, with many of our members following careers in the aviation industry and Armed Forces. It also provides opportunities for cadets to meet and build friendships with other like-minded individuals.

What We Do

Members of the Australian Air League attend Squadron parade nights once a week for two hours, where they take part in a variety of activities. These include ceremonial drill, physical training, model aircraft building, and flight theory classes, such as Navigation and Aircraft Engines. Training in First Aid, Life Saving, camp craft and a variety of other interesting subjects are also available.

In addition to weekly Squadron parade nights there are several competitions between Squadrons conducted over the course of the year. These include drill competitions as well as athletic and swimming carnivals. Squadrons also take part in community events and special occasions such as ANZAC Day Parades.

There are also social functions held by Squadrons including sports events, camps, hikes, obstacle courses and fundraising activities.

The Australian Air League offers cadets flying opportunities ranging from basic joy flights to pilot training. Air Activities are encouraged throughout the Air League and flying, both powered and gliding, is an important part of the training syllabus. The Air League operates a very successful Air Activities Centre at Camden Aerodrome, NSW which is fully staffed by volunteers mainly from the Aviation Industry who are dedicated to providing our young people flying at the cheapest rates available. Gliding is conducted through association with local gliding clubs and the Gliding Federation of Australia, and training and glider experience flights is available to all members.

In addition to flying training, the Air League holds regular air activity flying days where Squadron members are taken for joy flights and are introduced to aviation.

Sutherland Shire Squadron meet every Friday night during school terms between 7:30pm and 9:30pm.

For more information on the opportunities available through involvement in the Air League, please click on the Contact Us link to send through a query.


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